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ArtHouse | Quick Summer Bites – Kids Editions! ft. Mama How You Cook This?

ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen presents…

Quick Summer Bites – Kids Editions! ft. Mama How You Cook This?

What to do with these extra hot dog buns? Summer is here and there will be lots of Bar-B-Q’s, picnics and leftover hot dog buns. Join us for some quick summer recipes to utilize what’s left – kids edition! Bring the kids Tuesday, June 12th from 6-7PM at the ArtHouse as Mrs. D shows you how to make quick & easy pizza and bread pudding that you and the kids will enjoy in this fun hands-on experience!

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Early arrival is highly recommended!

RSVP is required and you must bring a ticket:

ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen

411 East 5th Avenue
Gary, IN 46402


As a mother of 4, and the eldest sibling of 6, Mrs. D has over 40 years of cooking experience. Through her years in the kitchen, she has learned how to balance life, career, and family in order to prepare quick, easy and tasty meals that anyone can follow. She brings value back to the kitchen by demonstrating, igniting, and directing food enthusiasts how to prepare quick, easy and tasty meals for active on-the-go family oriented individuals particularly millennials who are entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and newly married.


Preparing meals for yourself or your family can be a bit intimidating, but it is my mission to confirm anyone can do this! As your #1 Kitchen Stylist, I will guide you through cooking successful meals with 5 simple, easy steps.

So easy, you’ll no longer have to call upon mom to ask: "Mama How You Cook This?"

Connect with her at and @mamahowyoucookthis