By the end of November, ArtHouse will be bringing a place to dine, enjoy art and socialize to downtown Gary / by ArtHouse Gary

By the end of November, ArtHouse will be bringing a place to dine, enjoy art and socialize to downtown Gary. However, it couldn’t get there without the help of the community.

A lot of work has gone into transforming the 5th Avenue space into something that will not only be useful for members of the community but that could also draw consumers and other businesses to the area.

“I think it’s a big opportunity to bring more people to Gary,” said Randy Plant, a resident of Gary.

Randy and several other residents of Gary and the surrounding neighborhoods have been working with ArtHouse to get the space ready for the grand opening event on November 19. They have contributed by helping with demolition, cleaning, painting, sewing/upholstering and more.

“I have been working with them from day one,” Randy continued. “Anything I can help out with, I’m here.”

The dedication of those working on bringing ArtHouse to life is good sign that the community is behind its newest art installation and dining venue.

“I am a photographer myself so I’m waiting to see what type of art will be placed in here,” said Randy.

Once ArtHouse opens, various artists will have the opportunity to display their work in a gallery-like setting. Additionally, local cooks and aspiring culinary businesses will be able to share their culinary talents by serving their own recipes to those who frequent ArtHouse for dining.

The outside of the building will reflect the beauty of the art and community on the inside, as well. The exterior got a new coat of paint and a metal armature has been affixed to the brick façade. Colorful lanterns will adorn this armature, projecting an illuminated art installation to be seen from blocks away.

“It’s nice. It’s beautiful,” said Kitty Aleman, a resident of East Chicago who has come with two of her cousins to help with the ArtHouse project.

ArtHouse is also utilizing the renovated outdoor space. A parklet featuring music, lighting and seating is planned for the southeast corner of the property. This will allow visitors to gather outside and enjoy the illumination.

The grand opening of ArtHouse will give everyone the opportunity to check out Gary’s newest establishment for themselves. Visitors to the event, which takes place on November 19 from 4-6 p.m., will receive tours of the facility, a gift bag filled with recipes collected from local cooks and pastries from several different area bakers. Food trucks will also be on hand to sell their fare. Learn more at