Griffith street vendor to hold culinary class at ArtHouse Gary / by ArtHouse Gary

Grisela Estrella uses many of her evenings and weekends completing work for her small business, a personal hotdog stand from which she sells homemade food to those in downtown Griffith.

But now that the weather has gotten colder, Grisela has been spending her time assisting with the production of downtown Gary’s newest establishment: ArtHouse.

“I like taking pride in stuff like that,” she said.

Grisela learned of ArtHouse from friends in a sewing class that she takes. She made some calls and got signed up to help with the cause. She has been able to use her sewing skills to help ArtHouse by reupholstering the seats of all the chairs that will be part of the culinary business incubator and pop-up café.

“I think a lot of people are going to end up benefitting from this place,” Grisela continued.

ArtHouse will have its grand opening on November 19. Members of the community are welcome to come out and receive tours of the facility, along with free recipes for dishes created by locals. Once ArtHouse opens, its culinary business incubator will provide members of the community the opportunity to taste unique, local dishes but will also give those looking to learn more about getting involved in the restaurant industry with a place to go for information. One way ArtHouse will accomplish this is through hosting various classes to be taught by those involved in the restaurant and food service industry, like Grisela is with her hotdog stand.

Grisela has spent the last several years selling hotdogs, tamales and Mexican corn among other dishes out of her cart. She said she is excited to be able to share information about establishing and maintaining a food cart with those who attend ArtHouse, especially since she has been involved with the production of the social kitchen.

“I think it’s much needed; somewhere the community can go, feel safe, interact and socialize.”

To learn more about ArtHouse and how to get involved with culinary classes and demonstrations, like Grisela’s, visit