Home Cooks

ArtHouse to assist Gary home cooks with commercial kitchen by ArtHouse Gary

ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen is a new Gary institution that will be opening its doors at 411 E. 5th Avenue on November 19. The goal of the ArtHouse project, which is a collaboration involving many funders including Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Knight Foundation, is to create a space that positively reflects the city and provides a platform for economic and artistic activity in the downtown area.

The ArtHouse project is multi-dimensional and will offer something for everyone. However, one of the most unique aspects of ArtHouse is the proposed culinary business incubator. This will give home cooks from across the city the opportunity to make their dishes on a large scale and share them with the public.

Groups can rent out dining space at ArtHouse for any number of functions. As part of their reservation, the groups will be able to select dining choices for the event from a variety of menus. When an ArtHouse home cook’s menu is selected, that individual will be able to make and serve their food to guests through ArtHouse’s commercial kitchen. This will not only provide those renting the space with a unique, memorable dining experience, but will allow the cooks to share their dishes and garner recognition.

Those cooking at ArtHouse will be able to utilize local providers, like farms and grocery stores, for the ingredients needed in their signature dishes. They will also have a staff of individuals participating in ArtHouse’s restaurant job training program to assist with the service.

ArtHouse will also address the need for dining options in the city. In recent years, many community favorite restaurants have left the Gary area and citizens often find themselves having to travel to neighboring towns for a night out to eat. ArtHouse’s location on 5th Avenue makes it easily accessible to many living in the center of town and those taking public transportation. This also means that the home cooks who choose to display their talents at ArtHouse will likely have access to a larger audience.

Want to learn more about ArtHouse? Mark your calendars for the grand opening on November 19! There will be marshmallows toasted over bonfires and tours of the facility will be conducted from 4-6 p.m. Visit www.ArtHouseGary.com for more information.