How ArtHouse embraces social media by ArtHouse Gary

When the name ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen was created, it had nothing to do with social media. However, the name does imply what social media is—a conversation, an interaction, or a gathering that serves as a catalyst for sharing information, opinions, insights, ideas, experiences, and perspectives in an online platform. Gary’s ArtHouse serves in a similar fashion but in the form of a physical space, a place where artists, art enthusiasts and supporters can collaborate to share in the celebration of and appreciation for art. Like the variety of social media channels, the diverse splendor of art is reflected in ArtHouse’s premise for serving as “a unique destination for food, culture, and art,” all of which overlap.

By definition, culture can be described as the beliefs, customs, and practices of a particular society, group, time, or place. Food and art are a part of culture.

Social media is a method that can tie these together, and it meshes those art forms well because artists have so many avenues to promote their creative expression in ways that were not available even 15 years ago. Artists can now have conversations, interact socially and share their art well before setting up shop in a gallery or at an art show or exhibit.

Social media has made it possible for artists to showcase their unique designs, creations, and concepts and to provide frequent, real-time updates on what they are creating. Through the ability to post pictures, videos, and blogs, marketing art can become second nature to even a novice social media user who mainly wants to focus on what they do best—creating something that will impact and inspire.

ArtHouse is an ideal space for supporting the social media presence of artists who seek to display their work, or to perhaps engage a prospective buyer who desires to connect more directly with an artist.

Particularly in the culinary arts space, seeing images of a prepared meal online is an ideal teaser that can drive a hearty appetite into the place where the meal is being prepared. Serving double duty as a culinary business incubator, ArtHouse is also available for local chefs to rent commercial kitchen space so they can perfect their culinary creations.

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