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Location of ArtHouse Gary provides opportunity for local businesses by ArtHouse Gary

In recent years, the downtown area of Gary has been undergoing somewhat of a revitalization. The implementation of a minor league baseball stadium, some new public art installations and technology-based business ventures has brought more and more people back to visiting the Steel City.

With the addition of ArtHouse to Gary’s downtown area, even more possibilities for events and gatherings are on the horizon. ArtHouse will offer an art gallery space for local and regional artists to display their work and a pop-up café for home cooks to make their signature dishes for members of the community. During times when the building isn’t being used as gallery space a café, it can be rented out as a community resource serving as a premier venue in a downtown location. The food and supplies for all of these functions could be provided by local farmers and grocery stores that wish to partner with ArtHouse.

Many ideas for community use of the building have been generated by the partners of ArtHouse. For example, the space can be utilized as an accessible commercial training kitchen for emerging businesses. It can also be used to hold other culinary operations or host community dinners for Gary residents. These functions would be serviced by local individuals participating in the ArtHouse job training program and all would have the need to be supplied by local vendors.

There have also been discussions surrounding the possibility of hosting family recipe feature events. Local home cooks could showcase some of their recipes with other members of the community via a demonstration and tasting.

The location of ArtHouse is what makes it ideal for these types of gatherings and events and others. It is in the downtown area and is not far off the highway; perfect for grabbing a bite to eat before or after a baseball game or meeting up with friends and family traveling in from out of town. Those traveling to ArtHouse would get to experience what NWI farmers and grocers have to offer.

To get a feel for what ArtHouse is all about or to learn about becoming a supplier for ArtHouse events, visit the grand opening on November 19 from 4-6 p.m. For more information, check out