multidimensional reflection

ArtHouse: A multidimensional reflection of art by ArtHouse Gary

When you say the word art, many people think of a painting that fills a blank space on the wall or perhaps a sculpture displayed at a gallery. Others may consider art as part of a world to which they are not connected. However, the beauty of art is that it is not limiting. Art is a multidimensional, multifaceted manner of communicating, and it is a celebration of creativity that builds common ground between many cultures, industries, and backgrounds.

ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen, located in Gary, describes itself as “a unique destination for food, culture, and art.” The key word here is destination. Art is a destination, and where it takes those who embrace it is up to the individual. Art champions individuality, uniqueness, and the freedom of expression, just like the city of Gary.

Art can be powerful. ArtHouse seeks to embody that power, providing a platform for established, as well as up and coming artists throughout Northwest Indiana to market their work. Not only will these artists be able to rent designated space to display and sell their art, they will also have access to resources that can help them establish the business side of their efforts. They will have an opportunity to connect with businesses that can help them turn their creative expertise into a marketable business. ArtHouse will also have coaching sessions available to share tips with artists on how to effectively display and sell their art.

Most artists create from their hearts, from their experiences and from their passions—what they want to share with the world, offering other ways of telling a story but not necessarily with words. ArtHouse serves as a premise for enabling artists to share their “stories.”

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